WMS Financial- Sorting Your Finances Out for a More Comfortable Retirement Period

Retirement in many ways is a bit of a double edged sword. Whilst many people work extremely hard through out their careers to be able to enjoy a pleasant retirement, many are also aware that they won;t be generating as much income as they once did when entering this period in their life. Whilst some people look forward to it, and being able to drop the daily stress of work life, it can scare others as the aging process often does. Here at WMS Financial Planners Inc., we are dedicated to helping our clients sort themselves out financially for a pleasant and comfortable retirement.

Here at WMS Financial Planning: Retirement Planning is of the utmost importance, and we have a specialized team experienced in advising clients on how to best secure a financial future in this area. It is understandable that most people around the age of 50 and above begin to worry about retirement planning- for the reason that most retirements now span up to 30 percent of a person’s life. Many people will spend more time in retirement than they did in their working lives, and the biggest fear of many Americans is outliving the money they have made. If people would only plan for their financial future as carefully as they plan for vacations, how much better off financially might they and their families be in the future? It is a question many people are asking today.

Retirement planning begins with understanding your cash flow, what it is now and what it will likely be in retirement. Once the “budget” is understood, you need to develop a plan to maximize your savings – especially your pre-tax savings opportunities. Having one this, one of the key questions to securing a financial future is as to where to invest these saved dollars.

Our service also reach out to those who have already retired. We all could use additional income and pay less income taxes in retirement, for ourselves and our families. Careful planning with our experienced advisers can show you how it can be accomplished. Do you have a retirement account you plan to leave to your heirs? Are you aware a large portion can be consumed by income and estate taxes. We can show you ways to potentially reduce both income and estate taxes. If you’d like to find out more about us, visit  William Madison Swayne – video on Dailymotion


WMS Financial Planners Offers A Multitude of Services

cropped-3.jpgWe are a completely family-managed company. WMS Financial Planners Inc, aims to be that trusted advisor you know that you can always rely on. We encourage our clients to have a proactive approach to their personal finances, as well as providing them with the proper understanding to achieve their personal financial goals. We really do want you to fully understand the basic concepts of financial management and why it is so important to have a trusted advisor on your side. We offer a multitude of financial services including, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Risk Management and Estate Planning.

William M. Swayne II believes hard work is key in offering its clients first-rate Risk Management Planning Services, specifically with regard to insurance policies. Do you really understand your existing insurance coverage, and the insurance coverage that you require? Unfortunately, the two things do not always dovetail smoothly. Not having the correct insurance could have serious implications on your financial stability – you just never know when an emergency could happen. Another service WMS Financial Inc. offers is evaluating your long-term care insurance plans. People continue to live longer, and unfortunately our bodies cannot keep up with our minds or vice versa, leading us to need care in an assisted living facility, which can be very expensive.

WMS Financial Planners believe there are three basic choices with all types of insurance. The first choice is to self-insure. This means having enough assets that can cover any need that might arise. The next option is putting the risk in an insurance company and paying all the required fees. The third option, the one that we promote, is that you share the risk as much as possible. We can show you how this is possible through Risk Management Planning, where we work on keeping the insurance premiums low and use the necessary coverage to cover the sectors that are the biggest risk to you and your finances. This option is the best of both worlds, as it is sort of a combination between self-insuring and paying insurance companies exorbitant fees. We make sure that you receive just the right amount of insurance and  successfully avoid being over-insured and therefore paying very high insurance prices.

Our company works to make sure that you find the proper balance in regards to your finances, and receive the highest possible benefits. As William Madison Swayne is fond of repeating, with our family and associates you can always rest assured that the advice being given is ideally suited to your actual needs.

WMS Financial Planners – Our Associates

We are a family owned and operated team of financial planners. We are here to help you in all aspects of financial planning such as, investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning. We are here to educate and assist you in all the financial parts of your life. We want to ensure that you receive a high quality of service and feel confident in your financial decisions, as well as reach all of your objectives and goals you have set for yourself.

Our team consists of: Candace K. Swayne who is the president, William M. Swayne II who is the CEO, and myself, William M. Swayne III, where I am the director of investments. Candace Swayne is our president and co-founder of WMS Financial Planners, Inc., at home though we like to call her mom. Candace is primarily responsible for: personnel management, bookkeeping, business processing, and strategic planning. She spends a large amount of her time dealing with office duties, which enables my father and I to focus on our clients and all of their planning needs. Not only does Candace hold everything together at the office, but also at home. She is the mother of 5, grandmother of 14, and great grandmother of 1. She also remains very active in the community, with her involvement in Youth for Christ chapters. William M. Swayne II, who founded this company with my mother several years ago, is the CEO. My dad received his Bachelor’s of science in psychology at the University of Washington and then went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force for four years as a Romanian Linguist during the conflict with Vietnam. After he was honorable discharged from the military, he went on to get his MBA in finance from City University. He then received his certification as a financial planner, as a financial consultant, and charter life underwriter. He also is active in many organizations such as, serving on the national board of Youth for Christ USA, was the ex-officio director of the TICA/REISA board and founding char member of the Marketing Committee of TICA. I make up the last of our team as the director of investments. I hold a BS in business management, which I regularly use in my position. I focus on improving the efficiency of daily operations, as well as developing investment strategies and financial plans. All of us together make for the best customer experience.