WMS Financial- Sorting Your Finances Out for a More Comfortable Retirement Period

Retirement in many ways is a bit of a double edged sword. Whilst many people work extremely hard through out their careers to be able to enjoy a pleasant retirement, many are also aware that they won;t be generating as much income as they once did when entering this period in their life. Whilst some people look forward to it, and being able to drop the daily stress of work life, it can scare others as the aging process often does. Here at WMS Financial Planners Inc., we are dedicated to helping our clients sort themselves out financially for a pleasant and comfortable retirement.

Here at WMS Financial Planning: Retirement Planning is of the utmost importance, and we have a specialized team experienced in advising clients on how to best secure a financial future in this area. It is understandable that most people around the age of 50 and above begin to worry about retirement planning- for the reason that most retirements now span up to 30 percent of a person’s life. Many people will spend more time in retirement than they did in their working lives, and the biggest fear of many Americans is outliving the money they have made. If people would only plan for their financial future as carefully as they plan for vacations, how much better off financially might they and their families be in the future? It is a question many people are asking today.

Retirement planning begins with understanding your cash flow, what it is now and what it will likely be in retirement. Once the “budget” is understood, you need to develop a plan to maximize your savings – especially your pre-tax savings opportunities. Having one this, one of the key questions to securing a financial future is as to where to invest these saved dollars.

Our service also reach out to those who have already retired. We all could use additional income and pay less income taxes in retirement, for ourselves and our families. Careful planning with our experienced advisers can show you how it can be accomplished. Do you have a retirement account you plan to leave to your heirs? Are you aware a large portion can be consumed by income and estate taxes. We can show you ways to potentially reduce both income and estate taxes. If you’d like to find out more about us, visit  William Madison Swayne – video on Dailymotion


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